Making A Difference With Mani Consulting Inc.

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Many consulting companies provide their clients with information on specific tasks that they want to get done. As a company, most of the work that we handle falls within the purview of touching up, and we work with our clients in getting them the best quotations and provide service that will keep them coming back for more.

Multiple companies work on sandblasting, painting, coating inspection in Canada, but one of the most common issues when working with them is that they struggle with sticking to deadlines. As a company, we learned the secret to providing detailed estimates and timelines while always pushing towards meeting them, which is one of the reasons why our clients enjoy working with us. They always kept coming back, especially when they needed to work on a similar service, half a decade later.

Over the last year, through these troubled COVID-19 times, we grew together as a company. For most of the decade, we worked with the same team, which allowed us to grow together over the years. We learned teamwork and how to carry the workload of another team member if they are having a tough time, allowing us to accomplish more tasks faster and more efficiently instead of letting one of our teammates lag.

We also bettered our communication skills, not just when it comes to the work we do, but also spending time encouraging and supporting each. We make sure everyone is on the same page when it comes to work while pointing out when someone does a good job. We make sure everyone on the team understands what the other is going through, and we work together toward performing a well-timed job and keeping our clients happy.

With the work we do, we are always surrounded by positivity, whether from our team toward each other or clients appreciating the work we handle. These are the little things that force us to keep doing what we do, forcing us to wake up and tackle another day without any complaints.

Many companies working in co-dependent fields have been using our services since they know and understand how well we treat our clients. Aspire Energy Resources has been using Mani Consulting for all their painting and sandblasting since 2018. When speaking to the head of the company, he said, ‘Celestin and his team are friendly and work safely and professionally. Mani Consulting has always done a great job for us.’ Reading these reviews can be quite uplifting and encouraging, and is why we love what we do.

We have been with Aspire Energy Resources for a while now, and they did not only give us that review because of our work ethic. They bring in tanks, vessels, pipelines, and much more that require some sandblasting work. We work on sandblasting, coatings, touching-ups, foaming insulating, with handling a NACE coating inspection. Not only does our team handle these tasks with an unseen level of professionalism, but also spends a lot of time doing a good job.

As a team, we are always working on improving ourselves. We tried out different services and worked on various projects that we displayed to our social media. We do not hide what we do and add all details on out there, sharing the procedures of everything we do. Our team has done an excellent job managing to work toward our goals of reaching out to many businesses and people along the way. Our business goals are to satisfy our customers in every need they have. We additionally work on our personal growth and development of our team and the community as a whole. We also like to assist the overall community and the population in our social causes whenever we have the chance to do the same. Our principle is involving each individual in the process of everything we do, for everyone to gain knowledge and awareness of our business.

If you are looking for assistance with sandblasting, painting, coating inspections, and consulting across Red Deer, Alberta, get in touch with us at Mani Consulting Inc. We have been successfully working with and assisting our clients for more than a decade. We are proud of our team, ensuring the best workforce who are ready to help take your business to the next level. We work on reasonable schedules and make sure we always hit those deadlines while working on providing high-end services and quality that exceeds expectations. Some of the services we offer are sandblasting, pipe coating, foam insulation, and concrete floor coating, but if you would like to learn more about the work we do, click here, or if you want to want to speak to a professional, please click here